Elbows & Paddling: A Guide to Overcoming Those nasty Tendon Issues

Taking roughly 70 strokes per minute, for about 60-80 minutes per session, day after day, week after week, sure adds up fast! Over-use injuries are pretty common in our sport, especially the hotspot areas of elbows, wrists and shoulders. Having had my fair share of troubles, I’d love to share how I overcame my last […]

Using Stroke rate to Improve your Training

vaaka stroke rate cadence sensor

I remember long ago being a young paddler and while paddling, my coach would whistle rhythmically to indicate what kind of stroke rate I should be at.  Gone are the days of following a whistle or a metronome in a zip-lock bag thrown in the boat. Thanks to some hardworking, very smart people we now […]

Resistance Training for Paddling

There are many benefits to training with resistance, namely improving your Specific Strength, working on certain aspects of your paddling technique, and really appreciating how much glide you have when you take it off! Training with resistance can help take your paddling to the next level. There are many benefits to training with resistance, namely […]