Downwind In A Double


Learn the art of downwind paddling from the front seat of the Nelo double ski.

Downwind In A Double

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Using the new Nelo 600 double ski, you will get to experience a downwind paddle from the driver’s seat, all the while being steered onto runs chosen by your world class coach.
Learn by doing – as the session progresses, you will get to make all the critical decisions, and get live feedback from your coach, ensuring you learn and solidify your knowledge!

1. Experience correct decision making and timing
2. Your turn to show you what you have learned
3. Get feedback to drive home what you have learnt
“Honestly, this is the ONLY way to teach downwind effectively!” – Michele Eray (World SurfSki Champion and Olympic Coach)

The new Nelo double ski has steering in both the front and back, providing the perfect opportunity to teach the art of downwind paddling, and run catching.

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