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Tag: Resistance Training

Choosing a Surfski

Surfski design and manufacturing has come a very long way since the days of Magnum P.I. crossing the Channel of Bones during the Molokai Challenge event in his old-school, double–foot

Using Stroke rate to Improve your Training

I remember long ago being a young paddler and while paddling, my coach would whistle rhythmically to indicate what kind of stroke rate I should be at.  Gone are the

Resistance Training for Paddling

There are many benefits to training with resistance, namely improving your Specific Strength, working on certain aspects of your paddling technique, and really appreciating how much glide you have when

Choosing The right Paddle For you

Be sure to match the paddle to your paddling technique, and not the other way around” With today’s wide array of choices when it comes to paddles, from design to

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