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Starting out in this sport, we realised that being the strongest, or the fittest, wasn’t the only requirement to get to the top. 
With neither of us being the biggest paddlers on the water, technique was going to be something we could work on to get improvements that were’t limited by our physical size.
From that realisation onwards, we have spent over two decades perfecting our paddling technique, and helping others do the same.

technique is vital.

I have had a couple of opportunities to work with PaddleCal (both Michele and Maggie) on technique and every time come away with insights that make me a better paddler. I really appreciate their patience and willingness to tailor their approach to each individual's objectives and needs. Well worth the time and money! The video sessions are great as they enable me to look back and remind myself of the points made and then compare against later videos. The face to face sessions are equally valuable as changes can be made on the water in real time. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Peter Prinos
surfski & kayak
Michele of Paddle California analyzed some video and provided me lots of insight into changes I could make to improve my technique. She was patient and methodical and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. The interview was set up in the comfort of my home at a time that was convenient. I loved being able to work on my paddling at a time when I couldn’t get out to paddle. I expect to be using this service again. Thanks Paddle California.
Bruce MCManus
surfski paddler
Learned more in an hour's stroke coaching with Michele and Maggie than I've learned over years of paddling. Highly recommended!
Vibeke Dugmore
kayak paddler
A wonderfully scientific approach to paddling. Was an enjoyable morning and I came out of it using muscles I didn't know I had.
Travis D
kayak paddler


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